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Early Involvement Pays Dividends

With mezzanine floors being increasingly complex projects, involving us as your mezzanine supplier as early as possible allows you to maximize the potential of our expertise and experience. This will result in a technical specification that not only meets your commercial needs, but also secures crucial competitive advantage.

Read more about successful installations and our vast experience in the construction sector in our General Contractor leaflet.


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  • Design enhancement: speak to us before you sign off your building shell design, you could benefit from design enhancements for your project, as well as avoiding common pitfalls and minimizing delays.
  • Future-proofing: Tapping into our mezzanine expertise early in your project means you'll benefit from insight regarding industry tends and advice on the best way to future-proof your mezzanine solution.
  • Project management: Let us engage with other suppliers  early to plan the most time-efficient build programme for you.
  • Cost Savings: We can help you design your floor solution in the most cost-effective way. The optimum approach may be technically impossible once the design are finalised.
  • Professional knowledge: When it comes to building regulations, fire strategy and other associated services, speak to our in-house engineers to ensure a compliant design from the get-go.
  • Capacity: With surging demand for mezzanine solutions right now, early engagement will ensure your project gets the production capacity it needs at the right time.