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MiTek® acquires Mezzanine International

Mezzanine International rises up to the next level

“Given our current design and manufacturing capabilities in Europe, combined with the momentum we are sure to experience with MiTek’s global footprint, formidable brand and resources, we expect growth rates and technology developments that far outpace our competitors.” Scott Chambers, Managing Director, Mezzanine International

Mezzanine International, together with MiTek®, the US-investing company, and Cubic Designs, its North American mezzanine flooring supplier, can now offer structural steelwork solutions to customers on a global scale. With a focus on delivering a single consistent global mezzanine procurement solution, Mezzanine International is a respected leader in the delivery of high-quality customised mezzanine systems to leading organisations in distribution, aerospace, construction, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment.

In order to support the company’s tremendous growth, in 2016, Mezzanine International launched the innovative, future-proofed Mezzanine7® system, and in early 2017, opened Mezzanine GmbH, a location in Cologne, Germany.

Today, we announce our decision to join the MiTek® family.

Together we rise.

Access to global teams of technical experts


Our commitment to working closely with and supporting the development plans of our customers drives the expansion of our network.


Together, as part of the MiTek® family of companies, we can offer mezzanine platform solutions to our customers on a global scale.

Our global capability means we can quickly mobilise our teams of experienced structural engineers, mezzanine designers, operatives and chartered logistics and health & safety professionals, and act faster and smarter in response to your day-to-day needs.

Custom-designed performance structures


We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated, future-proofed mezzanine flooring systems that maximise floor space and support your mechanised and automated distribution, storage and production processes.


Our qualified and experienced teams of operatives install over 20 bespoke mezzanine floors each week for all industrial and commercial applications and environments – as far afield as Azerbaijan, Oman, China, Australia, Brazil and Ethiopia.

Complete end-to-end mezzanine service for all our customers

We work alongside you to provide a complete, comprehensive mezzanine flooring service – from initial advice and consultation and design and costing through to fire and building regulation approval and manufacture and installation. Using unique, state-of-the-art design and proprietary commercial management technologies, we aim to reduce lead times and costs on your mezzanine projects from the very outset of our relationship. Every industrial and commercial mezzanine structure we design and install worldwide for our customers is quality assured from start to the finish – backed by certifications, with appropriate insurances and warranties.

High quality, cost-effective mezzanine solutions every time

So if you’re looking for a firm with an outstanding reputation for cost-effective, bespoke mezzanine design and installation for all applications and environments, please get in touch. Find out more in our short video of Matt Loveday, Operations Director.

Partnership, Innovation and Integrity

Our core values of partnership, integrity and innovation are reflected in everything we do – from initial consultation through to quoting, design, installation and customer service. We listen closely and understand the needs, technologies and aspirations of our clients, and speak the same language; we care about what we do as they do, and the quality service we provide is the service we ourselves expect.

This high quality service is built upon decades of dedicated, hands-on mezzanine industry experience, during which we have supplied everything from small single tier to large multilevel installations for clients operating in many, diverse sectors – from distribution, processing and aerospace to manufacturing, retail and entertainment.

Over many decades, we've met every possible challenge for our clients, and look forward to more.

We are the companies of MiTek®,
Together we rise.

Global Reach

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated future-proofed mezzanine solutions that maximise space and support our clients' automated technologies both now, and as their business requirements and technologies evolve. Our teams of qualified and experienced mezzanine installers, deliver over 20 bespoke mezzanine projects each week for all industrial and commercial applications and environments in every continent.

The world’s largest network of mezzanine suppliers

With access to over 300 mezzanine specialists globally, and in-house teams of structural and design engineers and logistics and health & safety professionals, we are one of, if not the largest and most connected mezzanine engineering network in our peer class.
No project is too large or too small, or too complex for our technical and commercial contracts specialists. And wherever your premises or sites are located in the world, you can be secure in the knowledge that Mezzanine International delivers a single, consistent standard of mezzanine to each of your project sites

Trade Partners

We focus on building strong trade relationships by delivering cost-effective, high quality mezzanine solutions that ensure our partners' proposals meet their clients' exact requirements and remain competitively priced. Our network of trade partners spans the globe and is underpinned by relationships we have nurtured with industry leaders in the UK and Europe that have earned an excellent reputation in their field in specific industry sectors.
Whether a construction company; fit-out specialist; architectural or engineering firm; systems integrator; materials handling or logistics provider, call us and let's see how we can work together.

Senior Management Team

Our company ethos of continuous improvement, integrity and unrivalled customer service are reflected in everything we do, from initial consultation through to customer service and mezzanine product development.

Our senior managers bring multi-disciplinary skills and experience, from structural mezzanine design, surveying and costing through to procurement, production, programme management and installation. Our leaders are experts at commercial contracts management, having pioneered M-net, a unique software solution that delivers the optimal technical mezzanine flooring system for clients, while cutting lead times and costs.

Meet the team

Mezzanine International Group

Scott Chambers

Scott Chambers

Managing Director

Scott has 25 years of experience as a qualified structural engineer, mezzanine entrepreneur and business leader. In the last five years he has spearheaded the development of Mezzanine International into a group of businesses in the UK and Europe, with an average year-on-year sales growth of over 40%. Scott is skilled in mezzanine design and product development, as well as business development and bid consultation. Scott is passionate about his family, high-performance cars, football, technology and people development. View Scott's video.

Matt Loveday

Matt Loveday

Operations Director

Matt is in charge of overseeing Group operations to deliver consistent services to all Mezzanine International clients across multiple locations. His role encompasses procurement, production and contracts. Matt successfully helped set up and develop the thriving UK office, and has steadily grown the Group business over the last five years. In his former role as Contracts Director, Matt managed a great number of high profile projects for key clients, with particular experience in mezzanine installation in the retail distribution and warehousing & storage sectors. Matt is passionate about service delivery and driving internal productivity and performance to pass on time savings and cost savings to customers. Matt is an F1 enthusiast, devoted family man and football fan. He has over 15 years of hands-on experience as a mezzanine installer, production manager and contracts specialist. View Matt's video.

Geoff Green

Geoff Green

UK Sales Director

Geoff is a commercially- and technically-astute technical mezzanine specialist with more than 25 years of dedicated industry experience. He is a seasoned business leader, who helped successfully grow the Trade Mezzanines business into the leading UK mezzanine supplier to trade customers in the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Geoff is experienced in all areas of mezzanine design, production and construction, having detailed, fabricated and installed structures himself. He brings this extensive knowledge and expertise to the product development initiatives developed in partnership with our customers. Additional key strengths include problem-solving and client service, which leads our customers to actively seek out his advice on all elements of their mezzanine installation projects. Geoff is passionate about innovation, family, travel and rugby.

Steve Higgs IEng MSc

Steve Higgs IEng MSc

Production Director

Steve is the guardian of quality manufacturing and champion of continuous improvement for our clients and Group. His team manages our CE marking 'class 2' accredited international supply chain, ensuring we deliver substantial time and cost-savings for our clients on their mezzanine floor installation projects through robust buying and production processes and practices. He has an MSc in Engineering, and is a former British army captain with an interest in product design and innovation, as well as creative writing, having just published his first novel. View Steve's video.

Rob Card

Rob Card

Technical Director

Rob is a 3-D mezzanine design expert, skilled in spotting potential pitfalls in clients' plans and responding in full with fit for purpose mezzanine floor solutions that are cost-effective and future-proofed. He has a passion for football coaching, design software development and immersive 3-D communication technology. View Rob's video.

Keith Loveday

Keith Loveday

Non-Executive Director

Keith is a commercially-astute mezzanine company founder with over 30 years of leadership experience. His vast business skills enable him to see issues and opportunities from a broad perspective and support the interests of investors, operational directors and managers. Keith brings extensive experience in all areas of mezzanine design and construction, and in particular for large-scale European mezzanine projects. Keith is very highly-regarded within the mezzanine industry for his sound judgment and business advice, and for his ability to stay calm under pressure. He has a passion for motorsports and travel.

How to find us


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 Tel: +44 (0) 1732 849900


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