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Sales & Bids Team

Our Project Sales Managers are experienced technicians who can answer all your questions. They're able to conduct site surveys, produce their own drawings and plans, and can turn around tenders and quotes quickly and accurately. When you make first contact with us, you'll benefit from speaking with technical sales representatives who will use the full range of their practical knowledge, experience and skills to ask you exactly the right technical and commercial questions to swiftly progress your queries, immediately saving you time.

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International sales & bids team with technical expertise

Wherever you or your mezzanine projects are based, we have an international sales presence and regional representatives with multi-lingual ability, who can meet with you face-to-face to guide you through the critical, first stages of turning your briefs into competitive bids and quotes. Our firm is entirely independent and does not give advice to fit a product range - our focus is solely on providing the right design solution matched to your exact business requirements. So the earliest you choose to get us involved in your mezzanine design project, the sooner your business will benefit from time and cost savings. Watch this film to hear the benefits of getting us involved in your mezzanine project at the earliest possible planning stage.