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22-03-2016 11:20

News from the frontline: Mezzanine International Group's hot topics poll reveals what UK professionals really think about their industry's opportunities and challenges

Mezzanine International has revealed the results of its recent surveys on some of the burning issues affecting the UK's top industries. The 'one question' polls were designed to uncover the opinions of those working at the coalface in sectors including retail, storage, warehousing and logistics, construction, manufacturing and self-storage. View all survey questions here. Results are shown below.

Key results

The findings offer an interesting insight into the opportunities and challenges in each industry:

  • Almost 70% of those polled agree that the office construction market will grow despite uncertainty over the EU referendum amongst other international issues
  • Over 60% of retail professionals reported a fall in in-store purchasing with same day delivery offers now 'upping the ante' for all retailers

  • 70% of respondents predicted that UK manufacturing will shrink due to the steel crisis, thus impacting UK competitiveness

  • Over the next five years, 'business use' was cited as the main source of growth for self-storage operators

  • Amongst warehousing and distribution professionals, opinions were split as to whether drone delivery would really take off

Survey Articles

To read more about the survey and its findings, please read the articles posted below:



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Shop Fitting

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Warehousing & Distribution

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The steel crisis - Vote on the effects!

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Thank you for participating in, and reading our poll research.


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