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Companies we work with:

Global Design, Manufacturing & Distribution Capability

Access to the first global mezzanine supplier

Together, as part of the MiTek® family of companies, we are the first global mezzanine flooring and construction firm. We are unique in our ability to deliver a single, consistent standard of mezzanine structure to each of our multinational customers’ many project sites, worldwide. By partnering with us, our customers benefit in having the optimal technical and commercial mezzanine solution in competitive local currency rates. Proximity to our customers means that we are able to respond quickly to your needs.

The ability to mobilise labour from across our global network, and manage customers' projects in their native language, makes it easier to interface with our customers and their suppliers at every stage of a contract. We work tirelessly to support our clients in reaching their goals, so strive to meet the highest possible standards of quality, safety and service, globally. Our customers’ success drives our success.

What we do

E-fulfilment Mezzanines

E-fulfilment Mezzanines

Mezzanine manufacture and deliver customised, future-proofed steel platforms for robots to advanced storage and retrieval systems (ASR) both for today and tomorrow, as your processes and technologies are subject to upgrade.

Distribution Centre <br />Mezzanines

Distribution Centre

We excel in the design and phased installation of reconfigurable mezzanine flooring, decking and ancillaries, that can be scaled up or down with changing needs.

Self-Storage Mezzanines

Self-Storage Mezzanines

We offer cost-effective, bespoke mezzanine flooring to retrofit and convert existing pre-built facilities, and develop new ones. We excel at storage mezzanines for challenging building dimensions.

Systems Integration <br />Mezzanines

Systems Integration

One of Europe's leading mezzanine construction and design firms, for 25 years we have partnered with major systems integrators across all industry sectors, from e-commerce through to manufacturing.

Construction Mezzanines

Construction Mezzanines

We offer fit for purpose, competitively-priced, mezzanine flooring. Our reputation for safe, swift installation results in repeat engagements with diverse construction professionals.

Retail Mezzanines

Retail Mezzanines

Mezzanine manufacture and construct high-quality retail mezzanines that maximise sales floors and stockroom space, as well as cafes and display, returns and 'click & collect' areas.

"You can count on Mezzanine International to give you the right mezzanine solution for your needs - and always deliver it on time and within your budget. Their design knowledge is first rate so you'll be confident from the start that your project is in safe hands. This, and the fact that they care about giving you a quality service that's professional, reliable and responsive is why they are my 'go to' mezzanine partner every time."

Ian Rutherford, Managing Director, Pegasus Storage Solutions

Mezzanine International Group international projects
  • The first global mezzanine construction, manufacturing and flooring network
  • 50+ years of collective experience in Mezzanine design, manufacturing and installation
  • Unique Mezznine7® & MezzHead® solutions
  • 300+ experienced mezzanine flooring installers in six continents
  • 1-in-5 experienced in-house technical staff: structural steel engineers, mezzanine designers, project manager, logistics professionals and health & safety experts.
  • International accreditation: in the UK, adhering to ISO 9001 and offering a full CE-marking 'execution class 2' accredited global supply chain.
  • The Queen's Award for International Trade
  • Offices across the UK & Europe and North America.

Expanding horizons for more than 25 years

The UK's no. 1 mezzanine engineering firm*

We've been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality tailored mezzanine flooring for multinational clients since 1991. We use our expertise to help you maximise productivity and space, while saving money and increasing profitability. With 25 years of experience in partnering with industry leaders, we understand your technologies, aspirations and challenges - and deliver the optimal future-proofed mezzanine flooring system in line with your evolving business needs.

Contact us to find out how our cost-effective, integrated mezzanine floors can support your business both today and tomorrow.

Partnership, Integrity & Innovation

Our Ethos

Our three core values of partnership, integrity and innovation drive us to develop and deliver the very best services for our customers and each other.

Partnership: We work closely with our partners and ensure we listen closely and understand the needs, technologies and aspirations of our clients. Doing so allows us to respond with bespoke high-quality mezzanine flooring that make sound technical and commercial sense.

Integrity: Our team brings the same set of values and principles to every mezzanine construction project they are assigned to. Doing so ensures we are able to meet every client’s needs to the highest possible standards. We are passionate about our customers and committed to excellence.

Innovation: We are always looking forward and aim to always be ahead of the competition. That’s why Mezzanine manufacture and distribute unique systems for your business, including the new high-performance Mezzanine7® & MezzHead® solution.

We truly care about what we do as they do, and the quality service we provide is the service we ourselves expect. We are passionate about our customers and committed to excellence.

Together we rise.

"Working at Mezzanine International has enabled me take my career and knowledge to a new level in an ever-expanding company. Every day is a challenge with constant learning, training and R&D to devise new ways to streamline the way our 3-D structural steel modelling systems work. With our firm offering bespoke mezzanine floors that fit with each of our clients' specific business needs and technologies, delivering integrated design solutions is testing, but ultimately very rewarding."

Dan Humphreys, 3-D Design Software Developer