MiTek Mezzanine Systems is part of the MiTek® family

Global Partnerships. Local Solutions.

MiTek Mezzanine Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative and future-proofed mezzanines globally. With a dedicated team of specialists and over 35 years of experience, we help our customers optimize space and accelerate productivity. As the first global mezzanine company, we provide greater capacity to handle large-scale projects, economies of scale and a wider more unified service network. With a pulse on industry trends, and working closely with our partners, we create solutions to challenges in the material handling and logistics industries. We are part of MiTek®, a provider of global building solutions and a Berkshire Hathaway company.


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 As well as having achieved ISO 9001 certification and a number of accreditations in the construction industry, MiTek Mezzanine Systems is a member of both the Automated Material Handling Systems Association (AMHSA) and the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA). 

We are proud to have previously received the prestigious Queen's Award for International Trade for growth and success in export markets. Our customers benefit from access to our agile, CE marking ‘execution class 2’ accredited supply chain. Not being tied to any one system or product type, we can deliver a range of competitively priced solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

A Global Mezzanine Team

In business, the key to speed and agility lies within an organization’s ability to collaborate. Our global partnership brings big benefits as we share expertise across a worldwide base, monitor industry trends and solve current challenges together.

Partnership, innovation and integrity

The success of our business is based on our commitment to partnership, integrity and innovation. This is reflected in our Vision, Mission and Value Proposition:

Our Vision

MiTek Mezzanine Systems exists to transform the commercial building industry as the global partner of choice for breakthrough mezzanine solutions and exceptional customer experience.

 Our Mission

To enable collaboration with partners at all levels to deliver innovative mezzanine solutions to the growing material handling industry.


Value Proposition

Our custom-engineered mezzanine solutions are designed with the flexibility and speed you need to drive your business forward. Our innovative solutions and global partnerships enable you to transform the way you design, make and build.

"A measure of a great company is the good people working for it and the communication. You're definitely experts in your field. You know exactly what you're doing, and how to do it to get the mezzanine project to where we need. Your team are pro-active. Everything I asked for, you were quick to react and handle it. "

Simon Phillips, Project Manager, RG Group

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