Mezzanine floor solutions for all industries

Having installed more than 10,000 mezzanine floors worldwide, MiTek  has worked across every industry. As well as dealing directly with end users, we collaborate with respected partners in various sectors. We work closely with leading System Integrators (such as Dematic, Vanderlande, TGW, Swisslog and Honeywell) and General Contractors (such as Winvic, ISG, Readie Construction, Buckingham Group and Bowmer & Kirkland) to deliver mezzanine floors tailored to the needs of their clients. Our turnkey mezzanine solutions are relied on by companies involved in all kinds of activities – from e-commerce, grocery, fashion and general retail to automotive, food & beverage, electronics, healthcare, self-storage, transport & distribution, financial services, telecoms and construction.

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4 tier mezzanine floor for storage and distribution



Case Study

TFG London and Noatum Logistics talk about the benefits of their 4-tier e-commerce mezzanine solution. 


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In reality, the traditional list of sectors that we serve is less relevant these days as almost all industries today have a manufacturing and/or distribution facility where a mezzanine floor can provide either storage or integration. For example, in the automotive sector you might find a mezzanine in the manufacturer's plant for integration, one in the spare parts distributor's facility for storage and another in the dealer's showroom for retail display. So what is important is not the industry sector but the mezzanine application. With practically no restrictions on their shape or dimensions, mezzanine floors are highly versatile structures. In fact, a mezzanine can be used for almost anything, provided it has been designed for the application in question. Mezzanine floor applications include:

mezzanine floor solutions

The continuing growth in e-commerce requires specific sotrag and distribution conditions associated with online retail such as increased stock holding, shorter delivery times and goods return.


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Multichannel retail mezzanine

Warehouse & logistics
mezzanine floor solutions

In a logistics distribution facility, the additional space provided by a mezzanine floor can be used for manual or automated picking & packing operations, sortation or storage.


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Mezzanines for distribution centers

Industrial mezzanine
floor solutions

Mezzanine floors are a great way to create additional space in a production environment, where they can be used to provide extra manufacturing capacity, for storage or for office accommodation.


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Self-storage mezzanines

Storage mezzanine
floor solutions

Mezzanines can be used to provide straightforward storage space, either directly on the decking or within racking or shelving systems.


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System integration mezzanines

Retail mezzanine
floor solutions

The easiest way to increase shop floor space or add stockroom capacity is to install a mezzanine floor. By maximizing the shelf space for any given footprint, a mezzanine helps to increase profits in retail.


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Office mezzanine
floor solutions

A mezzanine provides versatile space for offices, meeting rooms and rest areas, with the ability to install partitioning between the various sections.


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