Mezzanine expertise for end users

Most businesses would benefit from having more space. Additional room for storage or operations not only increases efficiency, it can enhance the working environment and thereby help to recruit and retain talent. With the rise in e-commerce, many companies approach us to help them maximize space utilization in their storage, distribution and returns processes. As a leading supplier of mezzanine floor solutions for a range of applications, we can provide expert advice on the right solution for your particular needs.

MiTek is ISO 9001 certified and the products we supply are CE marked. As we deliver turnkey solutions that adhere to all relevant health & safety, fire and building standards, you can focus on your business while we design and install your mezzanine. What's more, our experienced team will ensure that your mezzanine structure is future-proof, allowing for your business to expand.


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The only way is up

If you want your business to grow, you need to provide the space for this expansion. By utilizing the wasted space within your existing premises, you can avoid the cost and difficulty of modifying your building or moving to a new facility. For companies operating in highly competitive markets, investing in a mezzanine floor is a quick and easy


way to secure benefits that deliver competitive advantage, which can leverage increased market share and help to accelerate growth. MiTek offers a consulting service to help end users understand the benefits of a mezzanine floor and visualize the optimum solution for their business requirements today and tomorrow.

Large warehouse with MiTek multi-tier mezzanine floor and tall wrecking

Benefits of working with us

We offer step-by-step support in the delivery of turnkey solutions for end users, securing many benefits:

  • Future-proof mezzanine designs
  • Technical expertise and experience from over 20,000 installations worldwide
  • Access to pioneering innovation through group-wide investment in R&D
  • Faster completion due to efficient project management
  • Investment security through high-quality, relocatable mezzanines

Satisfied clients

We have delivered bespoke mezzanine floor solutions for end users around the world in diverse business sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction & property
  • Electronics & telecoms
  • Food & beverage
  • Healthcare & pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality & leisure
  • Manufacturing & processing
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Transport, storage & logistics

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