Straightforward mezzanines for integrated designs

Whether you need a mezzanine for storage, to create valuable operational space or as a retail floor, we have a solution to suit your business. You may need your new floor to integrate with material handling systems, other machinery or even sensitive optical equipment – that's no problem for our experienced team of designers and structural engineers, who will deliver a bespoke solution. As you would expect, ensuring the quality and safety of our mezzanines is vitally important. All our floors meet the general requirements of BRE Digest 437 and all relevant British and European standards, with all fabricated structural steelwork carrying UKCA and CE Marks to meet legal requirements.


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Standard mezzanine floor


Our standard steel mezzanines are of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and durability. Lightweight mezzanines are designed for fast installation and are extremely versatile, capable of being used in almost any business environment. Our in-house team will design your floor to meet the needs of your intended usage, with structural engineers ensuring that your floor will bear the load and operation required. 

Mezzanine7® system


 The result of R&D undertaken in our Innovation Hub back in 2017, our patented and proven Mezzanine7® floor, is the ultimate solution for future-proofing your structure to meet the evolving needs of your business. Alongside the key benefit of significantly increased strength, our Mezzanine7® floor offers less deflection, reduced frequency and enhanced light efficiency. The system features our Bdeck40® support structure in combination with the decking material most suitable for your operation.

Benefits & features - Standard floor

Our standard mezzanine floor systems can be configured to your specific requirements and come with the following features and benefits:

  • Most cost-effective system to increase floor space
  • Point load capacity of 600kg
  • Lightweight construction
  • Rapid installation
  • Compatible with robotics and AGVs

Benefits & features - Mezzanine7®


Our patented Mezzanine7® floor system is a future-proofed option and come with the following features and benefits:

  • Uniformly distributed load capacity is 7 times stronger, according to the Steel Construction Institute
  • Minimum point load capacity of 2000kg (up to 5000kg)
  • Future-proofed for technology upgrades
  • Compatible with robotics and AGVs
  • Flexibility for heavy point load relocation
  • 75% less deflection

Future-proofing your floor with Mezzanine7

Our patented Mezzanine7 solution along with our MezzHead add-on brackets are the ultimate turnkey solution for flexibility, strength and ease of installation. This unique technology is up to 7 times stronger than standard mezzanine installations, supporting robotics and automation, whilst remaining flexible for ever-changing requirements.

MezzHead Brackets

MezzHead® brackets

Our unique MezzHead® brackets enable material handling equipment to be suspended from a Mezzanine7® floor above. Available in heavy duty (HD), medium duty (MD) and light duty (LD) versions – with different thicknesses of base plate and varying numbers/types of fixings – the brackets give maximum load capacities for the hanging systems of 1050kg, 375kg and 75kg respectively. Together, our patented Mezzanine7® floor and MezzHead® brackets provide the ultimate turnkey solution for flexibility, strength and ease of installation.


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