Straightforward mezzanines for integrated designs

Whether you need a mezzanine for storage, to create valuable operational space or to integrate with material handling systems, our experienced team of designers and structural engineers will deliver a bespoke solution.
As you would expect, ensuring the quality and safety of our mezzanines is vitally important. All our floors meet the general requirements of BRE Digest 437 and all relevant British and European standards, with all fabricated structural steelwork carrying UKCA and CE Marks to meet legal requirements.

The right design for any application

We offer various different lightweight, freestanding steel mezzanine solutions and will always offer you the option that best suits your business needs. The main three designs are:

  • Cold-formed
  • Hybrid
  • Mezzanine7

Choosing the right design depends on the specific requirements. For a light-weight floor, a cold-formed design can save costs as it requires less material. However, where large beam spans or high load capacities are needed, a hybrid solution could be the preferred and more cost effective option.  Mezzanine7 is the ultimate solution for future-proofing your structure to meet the evolving needs of your business.

In some cases, a combination of all designs are used in a single project. As a result, we can offer the right mezzanine for any application. MiTek's expert team is on hand to give you advice and provide the best solution. 


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Cold-formed vs Hybrid design

While the UK has traditionally used hybrid mezzanines, built using hot-rolled primary beams and cold-formed joists, the cold-formed design has been common for mezzanine floors in Europe. It can offer a number of advantages for customers, depending on the intended use but there are some design limitations compared to the hybrid system. MiTek will always select the optimum solution to meet the needs of the customer’s application.


Watch our video Hybrid vs Cold-formed Design

Cold-formed system

A steel platform structure for ligthweith floors



Features & benefits

  • Cold-formed primary beams & cold-formed joists
  • Lighter structure
  • Less embodied carbon
  • Faster leadtime
  • Shorter installation period
  • Some design limitations
    (beam span, load capacity, deflection)

Hybrid system

A structure for higher loads & longer beam spans



Features & benefits

  • Hot-rolled primary beams & cold-formed joists
  • Longer beam spans
  • Higher load capacity
  • Less deflection
  • Unbraced design possible
  • Heavier structure
  • Fire protection
    (through intumescent paint)

Mezzanine7 for ultimate strength

Our Mezzanine7 solution provides the ultimate in mezzanine strength. With Mezzanine7, your chosen decking is fastened directly to B-Deck, a structural metal decking support system that sits on top of the mezzanine platform. This composite decking solution can significantly increase strength, offers less deflection, reduces vibration and enhances light efficiency. It is a popular choice to facilitate future changes in mezzanine usage and layout.

Our in-house structural engineers will advise if you would benefit from installing Mezzanine7.

Mezzanine7 system

A composite decking solution for ultimate strength.



Features & benefits

  • Hot-rolled primary beams and cold-formed joists
  • Composite floor incorporating B-Deck plus top deckign layer
  • Point load capacity up to 5000kg, depending on final top layer
  • Future-proofed for technology upgrades and lheavy point load relocation
  • Compatible with most robotics and AGVs
  • Reduced deflection
  • Less vibration
  • Increased light reflectivity
  • Class “0” fire resistance

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