High-quality mezzanine solutions, fit for the future

When you partner with MiTek, our drive for innovation offers you access to the latest technology, enabling your mezzanine to integrate seamlessly with your operational environment. Whether you need a simple single-storey mezzanine or a complex multi-tier structure, we always deliver a high-quality, custom-engineered solution at a competitive cost. Although mezzanines appear to be relatively simple constructions, their design and build is an increasingly complicated business. In both distribution and manufacturing, the adoption of digitalization, automation and robotic technologies brings special requirements for mezzanine floors. So if you are investing in a mezzanine, it's good to know that you can rely on our expertise to ensure that your structure will meet your needs – both today and tomorrow.

To avoid pitfalls, read our White Paper: "Expert Insights: Key Criteria for a Successful Mezzanine Installation"


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Mezzanine floors and ancillaries

As you would expect from a full-service mezzanine supplier, we also offer a wide range of ancillaries – including a variety of decking options, access solutions, edge protection, pallet gates and column guards – in different finishes and colour options, all designed around your precise technical and commercial needs.

Mezzanine qualty and standards

For ultimate peace of mind, you can rest assured that all our products meet the standards of BRE Digest 437. They are designed by our chartered and experienced structural engineers in accordance with health & safety, fire and building standards and regulations.

Mezzanine Floor Structure

Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine flooring is an effective way to increase your storage or production area, utilizing the vertical space available in your commercial or industrial environment. Increasingly companies are seeking our bespoke steel mezzanine solutions to integrate with conveyors or other material handling equipment.

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Mezzanine Decking

Mezzanine decking

A variety of mezzanine decking materials are available and the best type to install depends on your precise application. Standard mezzanine decking material is particle board but, depending on your usage and load requirements, other options are composite decking and steel mesh or plates.


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Mezzanine Staircases, Ladders & Step Overs

Staircases, ladders & step overs

It is important to design an access solution for your mezzanine system that meets your specific requirements. We offer a range of products – including general and utility staircases, companionway ladders, escape ladders and step overs – that all comply fully with the latest building regulations.


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Mezzanine Edge Protection

Edge protection

Edge protection or safety barriers are required on any raised areas from which a person or goods may fall, such as mezzanine floors, platforms, walkways and staircases. They are available in many variations but usually consist of tubular steel hand and knee rails, as well as toe or kick plates.


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Mezzanine Pallet Gate or Loading Gate

Pallet and loading gates

Our pallet gates, also known as loading gates, ensure maximum safety for workers when loading and unloading heavy materials onto a mezzanine floor or raised platform. They are very easy to use and are available in a range of options to suit various factory and warehouse requirements.


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Mezzanine Column Protection

Column protection

In warehouse environments where forklifts and other vehicles are in use, we highly recommend the installation of column protectors. Also known as column guards, these can be fitted and adjusted quickly to protect mezzanine columns from impact damage, as well as enhancing operator safety. 

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