Staircases and other means of access

We offer a variety of staircases and other mezzanine access options to suit the needs of your mezzanine floor. All our staircases conform to building regulations and are equipped with edge protection barriers. They can be supplied with or without the option of an intermediate landing and come in different finishes to complement your mezzanine floor. According to the intended use of your mezzanine, our technical experts are happy to guide you through the feature, design and regulation requirements of your staircase to ensure safe access and exit.

General Staircase Mezzanine Access

General staircases

To meet building regulations, most new mezzanine floors require at least one general access staircase to act as the main route between different levels. We offer various types of general access solution, all of which comply with the latest building regulations requirements. Our staircases are adaptable for both top and side mounting, and our engineers are ready to advise you on the best solution.


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Utility Staircase Mezzanine Access

Utility staircases

Utility staircases, also known as industrial staircases, can be installed in addition to general access stairways for use as escape routes or for maintenance access. We offer a range of solutions, all of which comply with the latest building regulations requirements.


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Mezzanine Access Escape Ladders or Cat Ladders

Escape and cat ladders

Vertical escape ladders, also known as cat ladders, provide both a means of escape and access for routine maintenance work. Optional security enclosures at the base of the ladder allow access to be restricted to authorised personnel only. Ideally suited to commercial or industrial facilities where space is restricted, escape ladders ensure the safety of your employees.


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Mezzanine Access Companionway Ladder

Companionway ladders

Due to their inclined design, companionway ladders – also known as ship ladders – provide a safer and more comfortable means of access than vertical escape ladders. Generally angled between 60 and 75 degrees, they are often used to provide simple access to raised floors such as mezzanines in environments where space is limited.


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Mezzanine Access Step Overs

Step overs

Our customized step over platforms offer a safe way to cross obstacles – such as industrial machinery, pipes or conveyors – on a floor, or to accommodate changes in floor level. They are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of each site and customers can choose from various finishes.


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