Shurgard Self-Storage

We successfully quoted to supply, manufacture and build a five-tier mezzanine structure for Shurgard, a self-storage company that rents out units (referred to as 'bins') by the square metre to the public.

We were asked to design, manufacture and install a mezzanine structure with two five level tower staircases that was both connected to an existing building structure and self-supported. It was what is known as a 'muffin top design', which means that the ground floor footprint is smaller than the top levels (in this case, the second third and fourth levels).

The work

The design of the mezzanine structure had to be carefully thought through. It needed to be a maximum depth because of the height of building and the need to use as much space as possible - and to allow for headroom and fire proofing regulations. (We were also responsible for fire proofing on the underside ceiling of each mezzanine level.)


As the mezzanine structure needed to connect to the existing building, we needed to work closely with the main and building contractors during their design phase. So eight months before we started work on site, we coordinated with them to ensure that our designs aligned perfectly, and that everything was in the right place and ready to take our installation.


We also needed to allow for the design and location of the project. The building runs alongside the River Brent, and as a result the sub soil and slab wasn't strong enough to support the weight of our lifting and access equipment. So we sourced a specialist crane to build the columns for the five tiers and level 4 steelwork. We completed level 4 decking so whilst the installation progressed down level 3, 2 & 1 the 5th tier built off level 4 in a safe and controlled manner.

"A measure of a great company is the good people working for it and the communication. You're definitely experts in your field. You know exactly what you're doing, and how to do it to get the mezzanine project to where we need. Your team are pro-active. Everything I asked for, you were quick to react and handle it. "

Simon Phillips, Project Manager, RG Group

The result

No business can afford to have a building sitting empty, so we worked to a tight programme, and were able to complete all five floors (a total of around 8,000 square metres of mezzanine) in just 12 weeks.


The main contractor was very impressed with the way we approached the job, and the overall build. Particularly as some of the restraints of our build only became apparent two weeks before we started on site - and in that time we were able to change our methodology, the machines we were using and our manning levels to ensure the programme was completed on time and to budget.

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