7 industries that can benefit from a mezzanine Floor


Thanks to the versatility offered by mezzanine flooring, there are businesses operating in most industries who would benefit from their installation.

7 industries that can benefit from a mezzanine Floor

There are many great benefits your business can enjoy with the use of mezzanine flooring. They provide an increased amount of usable working space, which means you can make the rental or mortgage charges you pay on the business space go further. It also means you can increase your business operations and meet the demands of your customers and clients easier and more effectively.

Thanks to the versatility offered by mezzanine flooring, there are businesses operating in most industries who would benefit from their installation. Here, we've highlighted how seven industries could benefit from a mezzanine floor.

E-Fulfilment and Integrated Systems


As the modern world moves towards more automated businesses, e-fulfilment enterprises and integrated systems on an upturn may be looking for ways to cope with the increase in demand. By installing bespoke mezzanine flooring, a company in the e-fulfilment or ecommerce industry will be able to handle their current volume of orders - with a view to expanding them also.

Designing performance structures for integrated systems however, is a task facing unprecedented challenges. Mezzanine floors need to support larger point loads, robotics and automation, and be futureproofed to cope with ever-changing requirements. Our patented Mezzanine7 product solution and MezzHead add-on brackets are the ultimate turnkey solution for flexibility, strength and ease of installation. This unique technology is up to 7 times stronger than standard mezzanine installations.



Does your company provide self-storage facilities for commercial or private customers? If you are looking to expand your operations due to demand, you may be looking to buy a new property or an additional one. Instead, though, you could save some money by looking to invest in mezzanine flooring.

Industrial Businesses


Businesses operating within the industrial sector need as much storage and working space as they can get. Not only can a cramped work area being extremely limiting from a productivity point of view, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Companies that want to expand and benefit from additional space, but don't want to invest quite as much as the cost of a completely new premises, should consider having mezzanine flooring installed in their current facilities.

Catering Business and Restaurants


If your business works in the catering and hospitality industry, you may find mezzanine flooring of value to your operations. Is there the potential to serve more guests and diners, but you can't currently because you have limited space to work with? Rather than going down the expensive route of investing in a new property, why not make use of some vertical space you may have available and build a mezzanine floor, allowing you to accommodate a greater number of diners at the same time.



You can make your office environment a lot more productive by increasing the amount of storage space and work space you have. This will not only help to keep your office well-maintained and uncluttered, but will give your employees more freedom when it comes to where they want to sit.

Obviously, as with any industry, relocation is expensive, and can be something of a logistical nightmare. Especially if you are continuing to run the business while relocating. The addition of a mezzanine, therefore, provides you with a much simpler solution.

Leisure Centres, Gyms and Spas


Space to roam, breathe and stretch are all important in leisure centres, gyms and spas. There is also the fact that most gym equipment and machinery require space. A mezzanine floor can help you to add additional machines, or space out the machines you currently have, without costing as much as extending the property or buying another building. Your clients are more likely to use your gym or spa facilities if they feel comfortable and like they have enough space to work out effectively.

Retail, Shops and Supermarkets


As your retail business begins to expand, if you have been fortunate enough for that to happen, you may be running out of space due to coping with the increased demand. In this situation, storage mezzanine flooring can be of real benefit. You can utilise this space-creating solution to make room for more racks and shelving in your warehouse or out on the shop floor, while maintaining an organised layout. All without having to relocate or completely refurb/rebuild your business premises.

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