Construction & Civil Engineerging News interviews Scott Chambers


Scott Chambers, Managing Director at Mezzanine International talks about delivering a consistent standard of structure to project sites worldwide.

Construction & Civil Engineerging News interviews Scott Chambers



When Mezzanine International, the UK's number one mezzanine supplier, last graced the pages of Construction & Civil Engineering it was the final few weeks of 2017. At that time, a number of important topics were discussed with Managing Director Scott Chambers, and at the top of the list was its acquisition by the US-investment company, MiTek®, a move that has since taken the business to a whole new level with an ability to offer structural steelwork solutions to customers on a global scale.


When the time came to speak again with Scott, this time in April 2019, the subsequent effects of the aforementioned acquisition was a theme that immediately reared its head. "The purchase of Mezzanine International by MiTek® has had a massively positive, deep-lying impact on business," he begins. "It has allowed us to take a much stronger global view of our activities, and by taking our existing design and manufacturing capabilities in Europe, and working with Cubic Designs - MiTek's® North American mezzanine flooring supplier - we can focus on delivering high-quality customised mezzanine systems to leading organisations in a range of fields, from construction and distribution to manufacturing and retail."


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