How will you utilise Mezzanine 7 to improve business performance?


Steve Jobs has become something of the 'go to' business leader for inspirational quotes on innovation and pioneering which has inspired visionary-thinking at Mezzanine.

How will you utilise Mezzanine 7 to improve business performance?

We design future-focused mezzanine flooring products and services that help improve our customers' businesses, as well as our own - so during the research & development phase we're always asking each other how this new invention will:

  • remove restrictions on today's business practice and operations; and
  • create a bigger platform for innovation further down the line, for both us and our clients.


And the newMezzanine 7 system delivers on both!


Mezzanine 7 is the optimal mezzanine flooring solution for the problem many of our clients face with regard to continuous technological development.


Our customers tell us that to stay competitive and continue to realise process improvements to their storage, warehousing& distribution and production manufacturing facilities, they need today to be able to prepare for, and physically support technological changes on the horizon. These are positive changes and developments that they cannot always anticipate - and there's the rub. How to get your operations ready for improvements that are still emerging; ones that your business cannot afford to miss out on if it seeks to thrive and maintain competitive advantagefor the longer term?


The specific question increasingly asked ofour technical teams by clients across all industry sectors is:


'what can you do to give our organisation the physical flexibility we need today to be able to adapt our operations in line with evolving business demands, driven by impending technological change and development?'


Our response is to give you Mezzanine 7.


Simply put, Mezzanine 7 is the future of mezzanine flooring, for today's business.


In listening closely to our customers' questions and requirements, we discovered that in the world of steelwork structures size prevails: this is the major obstacle we need to overcome for our clients to physically support their technology and help them drive internal efficiencies, on-going.


Whilst the industry standard mezzanine floor can adequately support today's storage, warehousing & distribution and manufacturing equipment, it is unable to carry some of the leading-edge technologies, which are in development by our clients and their partners -and can potentially revolutionise logistics and supply chain for storage, warehousing & distribution and manufacturing operators - as they weigh over 600kg. Size (well, weight)remains the overarching problem.


Imagine the operational efficiencies that users of these facilities could attain if there were a mezzanine solution out there that could safely accommodate loads in excess of 600kg - that's the weight of say, the technology, the product plus, in some case their people.


So we imagined!


And we actively put our heads together.


And together, our engineers, project managersand technical designers applied 25 years of mezzanine design and installation experience to produce the ultimate future-proofed mezzanine floor system, with certified performance advantages (Steel Construction Institute) that cannot be - even closely - matched by any other product of its kind on the market.


The business benefits for users of Mezzanine 7 are significant, long-term, and some are unique to our system. This will be evidenton 13th to 16thSeptember on stand 9D49 at the IMHX show at the NEC, Birmingham, where visitors will see the benefits for themselves, including: future, flexibility; health & safety and sustainability.


When we created the future of mezzanine flooring, we essentially produced a new type of mezzanine structure that in turn, enables users to develop new, evenhigher performance integrated systems, which can sit on top. The challenge now is how you will utilise the benefits of Mezzanine 7to drivebusiness performance.


We hope just as new apps are developed for the new iPhone also due out in September, that Mezzanine 7 users will be able to do the same, and develop new equipment and technologies that they couldn't produce before because of the 'game-changing' features and benefits Mezzanine 7 offers.


If you're in Birmingham, from 13th to 16th September 2016, why not drop by stand 9D49 at IMHX ( and grab a coffee with us? After all, IMHXis regarded as the largest meeting place for over 20,000 supply chain professionals seeking industry solutions to current and future challenges, and we'll be launching Mezzanine 7 there - and offering a choice of excitingways for you to experience the benefits.


Look forward to meeting you here.



Managing Director


Mezzanine International is the UK's official number 1 mezzanine flooring engineering firm (Plimsoll, 2015) with clients crossing all industry sectors. They include: Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, LIDL, Burberry, Next, Game, Rolls-Royce, Unilever, GSK, MacDonald's Bakery, Daifuku, Vanderlande, BITO, Link 51, Amec, Arup, Laing O'Rourke, Network Rail, Shurguard and Big Yellow.


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