Meet our Head of Projects - Stewart Watts


In this article we meet Stewart Watts and talk about how our head of projects is translating decades of diverse construction expertise into growth for our business... and yours.

Meet our Head of Projects - Stewart Watts


Stewart has plenty of perspective on how important it is to deliver high quality projects. He’s been a blacksmith, a welder, a fabricator, he’s even turned his hand to building bridges over the years before getting into project management.

We’re glad to have that kind of grounded expertise on board, but it’s combined with some great business insight as well. He’s been there and seen companies grow, he knows how it works. When he joined one previous employer, they were turning over about £600,000. By the time he left, six years later, that turnover was more than £26 million.


A wealth of expertise

At MiTek, Stewart covers a number of roles, he oversees projects to help ensure they’re delivered on time and to budget. Part of MiTek’s ethos is to add value at the earliest possible stag and Stewart is always keen to get involved early in the design process and help manage the multiple relationships involved in warehouse delivery.

While all that’s going on, you’ll also find him typically working on one or two projects himself. That’s where his first-hand construction expertise really shines. When he joined us, Stewart had big ambitions for boosting our efficiency. He’s seen situations where companies technically grow, but they don’t bring in any more profit in real terms because they can’t scale up their operations.


Putting the human first

For MiTek the safety of our teams and the partners working on our project is the number one priority. The large integrated projects that MiTek specialise in are complex with many moving parts and Stewart is focused on making sure these projects happens safely. Working closely with our SHEQ team he’s always looking for ways to keep risk as low as humanly possible.


Driven to achieve

Pragmatism is the theme running through his whole career. That focus on the reality of how a job actually takes place. Even when he dipped into academia to get his business degree (aged 38), he was still working as operations manager at the same time.

MiTek is a world leader in Mezzanine installation. Stewart knows that it’s a fine art to ensure that everything is done on time, to a high quality, while ensuring continuity to follow on trades on each project.

Ultimately, Stewarts approach to projects help MiTek to ensure that projects are delivered efficiently, safely and to the highest standards of quality.

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