Mezzanine Expertise Secures Savings


A third-party logistics provider involved mezzanine floor supplier, MiTek Mezzanine Systems, early in its project for a new distribution facility – a decision that paid dividends.

Mezzanine Expertise Secures Savings

“It’s rare for us to get a call so early in the process,” explains Nathan Miller, Key Account Manager for Mitek Mezzanine Systems, “which is a shame because there is so much expertise that we can bring to the table. In this case, the client – Noatum Logistics – brought us in for early discussions with the developer in order to help tailor its new warehouse.”

Consequently, the project for the facility at London Medway Commercial Park – a 115-acre serviced site marketed by global property group, Goodman – benefited from both design enhancements and cost savings. “We were able to provide insight into the construction from a mezzanine point of view, which helped determine the layout of the final build,” continues Miller. “Normally we are asked to tender for the mezzanine floor very late in a project, when the building shell and internal design are already finalised. At that stage, we often find that some elements cannot be designed in the most cost-effective way – or, in some cases, are not even technically feasible – resulting in expensive alterations and project delays.”



Early involvement also meant that MiTek Mezzanine Systems was able to arrange for Noatum to visit an existing customer’s site to help visualise the end product. “Along with a visit to our Research and Development Centre, this proved invaluable for Noatum’s executives,” says Miller, “as it enabled them to experience the various options available in a real-life scenario rather than merely on paper.” The visits also stimulated further discussion on Noatum’s business ambitions, which led to understanding of possible future mezzanine adaptations. This helped Noatum to make decisions that would otherwise not have been considered until much later on, when they may have been restricted by the building design, thereby future-proofing its project. Miller says, “Future-proofing is an integral part of our process. When we offer a solution, we’re not just thinking about the completion of the project but about how it will stand up in six months’ or three years’ time. That involves understanding a customer’s business – getting under its skin and thinking about future growth and opportunities.”


Special expertise

Although a mezzanine floor may appear to be a simple steel construction, the fact is that warehouse, retail and office mezzanine projects are significantly more complicated than they used to be. “Automation and IT play an increasing role in many industries nowadays,” says Miller, “and these technologies often bring special requirements for mezzanines in terms of maximising strength, minimising vibration and electrostatic resistance.” While independent structural engineers can provide universal expertise, they lack the specialist mezzanine knowledge, warns Miller. “We know how we install a floor system,” he says, “and how it interacts with other structures and processes happening alongside it. External engineers cannot always provide long-term insight into how your mezzanine will be used over its lifetime.” The area where a mezzanine supplier can add value is not limited to the floor system itself, however. MiTek Mezzanine Systems has over 30 years’ experience, with over 10,000 mezzanine floors delivered worldwide. “This means that we have amassed vast expertise,” says Nathan Miller, “not only in mezzanine design and installation but also in project management, building regulation, fire protection and all the associated services.”


Global supplier

MiTek Mezzanine Systems is a global supplier of custom-engineered mezzanine floors, with the capacity to handle large and complex projects.

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