Only those who innovate, truly lead


Mezzanine International Group launches the first dedicated Research & Development Centre for the European mezzanine construction industry.

Only those who innovate, truly lead


For 25 years, Mezzanine International has been accustomed to supplying bespoke mezzanines for its multinational client base. "It's a part of Mezzanine International's development strategy to collaborate with our clients and partners to design and manufacture the fit-for-purpose mezzanine systems that eliminate many ofthe problems that inevitably arise when building large-scale e-fulfilment, storage & warehousing and distribution hubs," says Scott Chambers, Managing Director of Mezzanine International Ltd."The level of take-up for Mezzanine7, our 7 times stronger* than standard mezzanine, has confirmed that we're on the right track in delivering the cost-effective, future-proofed solutions that our customers need to optimise their facilities, as technologies and markets evolve."


"We put the plan for an R&D unit firmly on the agenda and have achieved yet another first for our industry," Chambers said this week at the firm's new premises in Kent.


With an R&D centre, Mezzanine International is able to strengthen its partnership with some of the largest design & build contractors, retailers, storage solutions providers and systems integrators in the UK and the rest of the world. And capitalise on the trend by some of the larger organisations toward global mezzanine procurement and sourcing. The retail and construction companies have become Mezzanine International's largest client base, after the systems integrators and materials handling equipment suppliers. But Chambers says e-commerce will be the No. 1 market for the firm as we move into 2017. In the last six weeks of 2016, the UK mezzanine firm has obtained orders for e-fulfilment centres valued in the millions, generating forward engagements for the first 6 months of 2017.


"As well as launching Mezzanine7, we have been actively expanding the firm and its capability, by injecting millions of pounds of investment in the past four years: opening a new regional office for the North; investing in new design technologies; setting up a modern R&D facility to design and test new products and recruiting a new team member almost every three months."


"Mezzanine International has grown steadily in the UK and Europe," said Matt Loveday, Contracts Director for Mezzanine International. "Mezzanine International will continue collaborating with our clients and testing their technologies on our new products, so efforts are always being made to seek further co-operation opportunities," Loveday said.


Mezzanine International R&D centre is the research & development arm of Mezzanine International Limited, the UK's official Number one mezzanine flooring engineering firm (*Plimsoll, 2015). Located close to the firm's head-quarters in Kent, this is the first dedicated R&D facility for the mezzanine industry in Europe. Partners and collaborators include, global house-hold brands for the e-commerce sector, as well as best-in-class advanced automated technology suppliers.


With over 25 years' expertise in mezzanine flooring design, manufacture and installation, Scott is a Structural engineer, inventor and entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience supplying the logistics and supply chain industries, in the UK and internationally. He and Matt, have led the technical team at Mezzanine International on many diverse projects - from retail distribution to automotive manufacturing - for industry leaders and their clients such as Dematic, DHL, Amazon, Sainsbury, JLR and Gatwick airport.


For further information about the Mezzanine International Research & Development Centre and Mezzanine7, please contact:


Tanya Palmer, Group Marketing Manager

Tel: +44(0) 7584 906913 / (0) 1732 849933


Date: December 2016


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