Tomorrow's Warehouse - report by hss


Handling and Storage Solutions (hss) has produced a very insightful Special Report on Tomorrow's Warehouse a great read for anyone in warehousing and logistics industry.

Tomorrow's Warehouse - report by hss


3D warehouse, 5G commerce


Familiar headaches and new opportunities in the warehouse of the future are predicted in the H.S.S special report of Tomorrow's Warehouse: Lack of space will remain a major concern, while new technology such as 5G may have a much bigger impact than anticipated.

The survey conducted by Tomorrow's warehouse shows that 42% of respondents see insufficient warehouse space as the single most important issue to address in the warehousing or logistics operations. Making the most of your existing warehouse is becoming increasingly important with great innovations such as narrow aisle racking & trucks while mezzanine floors are already common structures in the warehousing and logistics industry.

Read the full special report to hear of other space-saving solutions and how they were rated.



Read the full Special Report

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