Welcome to Mezzanine International Group


Mezzanine International, the leading supplier of future-proofed mezzanine flooring to multinationals, has officially launched Mezzanine Europe GmbH in Köln, Germany.

Welcome to Mezzanine International Group

®Dedicated to the delivery of high-quality, integrated mezzanines, Mezzanine Europe GmbH is now open for business - and primed to showcase the significant performance advantages of its new Mezzanine7 flooring solution, featuring the unique UltraSTEEL®-patented profile.

A significant commitment, but after 25 years of family management, Mezzanine International has built a reputation for partnership, integrity and innovation, and that continues to grow. The firm is dedication to fulfilling the exact requirements of its customers as their businesses needs and technologies evolve.


"Establishing a head office in in Köln gives our clients all the practical benefits of dealing directly with a local European mezzanine specialist with a local supply chain, which is steeped in local knowledge - whilst also giving them access to the resources and technical expertise of the largest, most connected mezzanine engineering network in its class".


Jürgen Nieswand, Technical Sales Director, Europe

Why not call Jürgen Nieswand, Technical Sales Director to hear how Mezzanine7® can increase the capacity and future physical flexibility of your industrial and commercial facilities - from e-fulfilment and retail to storage, warehousing & distribution and manufacturing production?

The future of mezzanine flooring has arrived.

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Mezzanine Europe GmbH is the European division of Mezzanine International Group, a family-managed business, which has grown to become one of Europe's longest-established suppliers of high-quality, customised mezzanines for blue-chip clients. Mezzanine Europe GmbH operates out of its office in Köln, Germany, in Europe's heartland.


Led by Jürgen Nieswand, Technical Sales Director, the technical team's proximity to its customers throughout Europe means that it is able to respond quickly to clients' needs at every stage of a contract, interface with local suppliers and provide competitive prices in local currency rates for a diverse range of projects - from e-fulfilment and retail distribution to automotive manufacturing - for industry leaders and their clients such as Bito Lagertechnik GmbH, Leonardo S.p.A., Knapp Logistik Automation GmbH, Vanderlande, Daifuku and STOW Deutschland GmbH.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Tanya Palmer

Group Marketing Manager

Email: media@mezzanine.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1732 849933 / 7584 906913





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