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Our innovative, high-quality mezzanine floors are delivered to meet your precise technical and commercial requirements in optimising your industrial and commercial floor space and processes.

Designed by qualified and experienced designers and structural steel engineers, every mezzanine floor, platform and deck we produce is bespoke. This means that full integration with your equipment and technologies, including shelving, racking and advanced conveyor systems, and the unique requirements of your premise or site. We can provide fully compliant mezzanine solutions for both new and pre-built facilities and for seismic areas, meeting all loading, safety, access and fire regulations.

Mezzanine floor designs and compliance

Full compliance with all current regulations

We ensure your mezzanine floor installation is designed in compliance with current national building and fire regulations. Safety, access and fire protection are all taken into account at the mezzanine design stage, and we will answer any questions you may have about compliance relating to your structural steel support project.

All our structures, including mezzanine platforms for advanced conveyor systems, are designed to meet the general requirements of British and European codes for structural steel designs and take into account relevant local annexes, resulting in steel support structures and mezzanine decking that are superior in design, quality and finish.


Over 250 qualified and experienced technical experts globally

From the outset of our relationship, our mezzanine flooring designers and qualified structural steel engineers provide sound technical advice and feedback on all aspects of your plans and specifications. We ensure your steel mezzanine is fit for purpose and fully complies with health & safety, building and fire regulations and standards.

With over 150 years of cumulative experience in the design and supply of over 20,000 mezzanine steel structures and floors, you can trust that your mezzanine project is in competent hands.

We offer technical advice and feedback on:

  • British and European structural steel design codes and practice.

  • Load capacities.

  • Point loads.

  • Deflection limitation.

  • Mezzanine Floor height.

  • Grid layouts.

  • Imposed loads to concrete slab.

  • Mezzanine deck materials.

  • Staircases.

  • Handrails and edge protection.

  • Mezzanine construction and design

  • Loading gates.

  • Storage mezzanines, including self storage mezzanine installation

  • Fire protection to steel structures - general and decorative finish.

  • Staircase enclosures.

  • Building regulations approval.

  • Health & safety.

  • Multi-Tier mezzanine and specialist applications structures, including large-scale future-proofed solutions.

  • Site construction of mezzanines.

To deliver the optimal technical and commercial mezzanine floor solutions, we have invented and developed design technology and commercial management software that improves our internal efficiencies and enables us to pass on time and cost savings to our customers.

Our technology includes:

  • M-net - a proprietary system that generates fast and accurate mezzanine costs, production and installation schedules, commercial information, detailed CAD and manufacturing drawings and materials, and plant and equipment procurement orders.
  • CAD, Tekla, Navis and Djubal and Master Series design software.


Please call us for technical data and detailed information about our mezzanine design expertise, resources and capabilities.

Quality policy

A systematic quality management approach

Mezzanine International Group is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service and a reliable quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Everyone within our business is committed to working to the Quality Management System (QMS) that underpins our business objectives and will support our management team in seeking to continually improve the QMS.

A framework for monitoring, measuring and analysing the QMS has been established and is in practice. Our Senior management team will communicate the outcome of our Annual Management Review where business policies and objectives are assessed against identified targets.

The following principles are employed:

  • To build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success through a full understanding of their bespoke mezzanine construction needs.
  • To drive continuous improvement and innovation based on an analysis of performance; opportunity and emerging risk.
  • To increase the commitment of our people in our business and thus drive skills and knowledge retention levels through personal empowerment, accountability, recognition and reward.
  • To continue to deploy reliable risk management strategies.
  • To plan for long-term success via the QMS.
Research & Publishing

This includes BRE Digest 437, a set of recommendations made by our team in consultation to the UK national government on new improved minimum mezzanine design standards.

These industry-adopted mezzanine flooring requirements give users a high performing and safe solution.
Find a copy of our recommendations here.


The pursuit of efficiency and productivity through intelligent design is at the heart of everything we do.

Our ethos is to exceed our clients' expectations from the outset of our relationship. This starts at the mezzanine design and consultation stage, where we listen closely and understand your exact needs, aspirations, challenges and technologies - resulting in sound technical advice and feedback on specifications. It also continues as we supply the optimal mezzanine flooring system, in direct response to your requirements regarding phasing, installation speed, future-proofing, quality finish and commercials.

"With Mezzanine International, we've benefited from substantial time and cost savings on all of our mezzanine projects. These savings are captured from the initial design and consultation stage, so the earliest possible involvement with their technical advisors is highly recommended by us, so your business can also fully benefit too."

Alan Jamieson, Managing Director, Cap Systems

Our mezzanine flooring fully complies with all health & safety, building and fire protection regulations and standards, and we are proud to have been selected to advise the UK Government on coding practice for the safe performance of specialised mezzanines and raised storage (download BRE digest 437 for more details).


Our qualified design and mezzanine engineering teams use the latest versions of AutoCAD, Tekla, Navis, Djubal and Master Series software to produce high quality, bespoke drawings with all structural steel calculations produced in your native language. These drawings meet all quality requirements, including British and European structural steelwork design codes.


And using M-net, our bespoke production and commercial management system, we can also quickly and accurately generate competitive quotations for your commercial and industrial mezzanine design solutions - delivering and protecting quality, while significantly reducing your lead times and costs.

Our company values, combined with our design and commercial management experience, know-how and technologies result in:

  • Accurate, detailed specifications, including loading data, and competitive quotations for your bespoke requirements.

  • Tailored, integrated mezzanine designs, including large-scale, future-proofed, multi-tier steel structures - able to support static and live loads, even in seismic areas.

  • Gantries, walkways, plant platforms and services support structures that meet all health & safety, fire and building and quality standards and regulations.

  • Compliance with British and European structural steel work design coding standards and local building regulations.

  • Building regulations approval advice and submission service for your steel mezzanines.

  • Fire strategy advice and fire protection installation, products and services.

  • Fit for purpose accessories and ancillary services, including edge protection, handrail and balustrade systems, loading gates, staircases, cat ladders, column protectors, decking (including anti-static flooring), deck protection and over-boarding.


Customer-driven, high-quality service from start to finish

Over the last 25 years, we've earned an excellent reputation for our consistent, high-quality service. We deliver tailored mezzanine flooring systems to our clients on time and within budget by taking a process-centered approach to the management, support and delivery of our projects. This process ensures you continue to benefit from the best advice, products and services that our qualified experts and state-of-the-art technologies can offer throughout our relationship.

"A measure of a great company is the good people working for it and the communication. You're definitely experts in your field. You know exactly what you're doing, and how to do it to get the mezzanine project to where we need. Your team are pro-active. Everything I asked for, you were quick to react and handle it. "

Simon Phillips, Project Manager, RG Group

For us, quality assurance starts with sound technical mezzanine design and consultation and carries through to the manufacturing and installation stages. We give you access to qualified designers and engineers, experienced project managers, chartered logistics and health & safety professionals, and trained mezzanine operatives - all of whom can be quickly mobilised from across our international network to ensure swift response times.

One-in-five of our employees are qualified technical experts. And between us, we have over 150 years of mezzanine industry experience, constructing single and large-scale multi-tier installations for all industrial and commercial applications and environments worldwide.

In addition to our extensive in-house experience and expertise in international mezzanine design and supply, you benefit from access to our flexible, CE marking 'execution class 2' accredited supply chain. As we're not tied to any one system or product range, we can deliver a number of competitively-priced solutions that are matched to your precise needs. Our independence ensures a fit for purpose installation with reduced leads times and costs.


For more information about our procurement and production capability, please get in touchand we'd be happy to demonstrate the business benefits for our customers of taking this streamlined approach.

Responsive Client Communication


The quality of our service is also demonstrated in the way we communicate with our clients. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our ability to rapidly and directly respond to all your needs and queries - no matter your requirements, or where your mezzanine project is located worldwide.

We make communication simple and straightforward for our customers, offering immersive 3D representations of your mezzanine installation, where appropriate. Access to these models as shown in the above film clip, enable you and your stakeholders to fully visualise your project plans and witness the integration of our mezzanine design options with your technologies and premises.

In addition, each engagement we undertake is co-ordinated by a single point of contact, giving you continuity and accountability for all outcomes delivered throughout our entire relationship. With this, you benefit from knowing that your project requirements are fully understood and met at every stage.

So if you're looking for a firm with an outstanding reputation for cost-effective, high-quality mezzanine design and installation for all industrial and commercial applications and environments, please get in touch and see how we can help.


How much lead time do you need?

It depends on the type of project you are starting. Typically, you need to allow at least four weeks' lead time from the point of approval on a frozen mezzanine design.


However, we're always looking for opportunities to offer more flexibility and reduce lead times so call us and find out.

How quickly can you install a mezzanine floor?

A timely mezzanine flooring installation begins with good design and consultation. We take the time to listen to and fully understand your needs, technologies and aspirations, so we can deliver a mezzanine project on time, on budget and to the agreed quality standards.


We can tailor the installation programme to suit your needs, wherever your project is located. We have the ability to adjust manning levels on site by drawing on our international network of over250 qualified, experiencedmezzanine installers, engineers and project managers.


Our Contracts team excels at planning and phasing a mezzanine floor programme to fully and seamlessly integrate your installation project with all other works being carried out on site. We do everything possible to expeditethe timely and smooth handover of a project, minimising delays and disruption to your business operations.


See our case study on our mezzanine installation project for the Buckingham Group and The

Which regions do you cover?

,We deliver mezzanine projects across the globe. We have fiveofficesacross the UK and into mainland Europe and have supplied cost-effective, high quality structural steelwork and mezzanine decking to clients in over 30 countries on every continent.


We have worked extensively in Europe, partnering with the UK operations of multinational businesses whose leaders have chosen to refer us to their overseas divisions, particularly for large-scale, future-proofed multitier mezzanineinstallations.


Seeour map of the countries where we have worked.


Our knowledge of international structural steel coding practice, as well as the rules and regulations applicable to overseas markets, is unparalleled within our industry, hence our burgeoning blue-chip client list.


Some of the customerswe have worked with outside of the UK, and across all industrial and commercial sectors, include:Amazon (UK, Prague & Milan); LIDL; adidas; Zara; Toys 'R Us; Air France; Vanderlande; BITO; Daifuku; Dematic; Link 51; Permar Storage Solutions; AJ Site Servicesand SSI Schaefer.


What type of industries do you cover?

We provide steelwork structures, mezzanine deck and ancillary products to all industrial and commercial sectors. The markets we largely serve are: instore retail; e-commerce, logistics& distribution, system integration, construction & infrastructure (including office, leisure and air and rail transport hubs), storage & warehousing, manufacturing production and self-storage. All our products and services are delivered in accordance with industry best practice and standards.

Our clients include: Amazon, LIDL, Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer; Zara; Currys PC World; Game; Dematic; Permar Storage Systems; Laing O'Rourke; Kier; Atkins; Gatwick airport; Land Securities; Parcelforce; TNT; Yodel; BITO; Link 51; Jaguar Land Rover; GlaxoSmithKline; McDonalds Bakery; Fox Biscuits; Big Yellow Storage and Shurguard.

What size projects do you work on?

We design, manufacture and install mezzanines of all sizes and levels of complexity, anywhere in the world. We are experts in delivering large-scale, multitier installations of over 10,000 square metres for all indsutrial and commerical applications and uses, supporting static and dynamic loads and technologies - from AGVs, shelving and racking, to pallet trucks, stock, packaging and more.


Increasingly,we are asked todeliver projectsthat give our clientsthe built-in physical flexibility to scale their mezzanines up- or down as their business requirements evolve.


Find out more in this video of our Technical Director as to how his design team produced a multitier mezzanine solution to enable a retailer to accomodate changing demand.

How quickly can you quote?

M-net, our proprietary net-basedcommercial management system, enables our mezzanine design teams to quote within an hour if you need - or to any timescale you give us following design consultation. Our quotations are thorough and accurate, and identify cost savings in line with your exact commercial and technical requirements.


What information do you need to prepare a quote?

The earlier you involve us in the quotation process, the more accurate your tender will be. This exercise does not involve any cost to you, but enables us to spot any potential pitfalls in plansthat might result in time delays and cost escalation on your mezzanine project before work begins.


The key information we require relates to: ground slab; foundation design; building height and fire engineering; and means of escape, as well as lifts/access equipment. We can advise on all these areas.

Does the higher specification mezzanine floor cost me a lot more?

Not necessarily. If we upgrade a floor we can adjust deflection ratios with only a marginal increase in cost.

How much height is required for a mezzanine floor?

Typically, a minimum of 4.5 metres is needed at the underside of the eaves of a building to allow for a steel mezzanine platform. Working to European standards, we allow for 2 metres of head-room space.

Will our ground slabs take the load?

Whether or not your slabs will support the load is an issue we will discuss on a project-by-project basis - and is the first subject our technical team will ask of you.

What do I need to consider if I want a multitier installation?

If you're planning a multitier structure you need to consider ground slab; foundation design; building height; fire engineering and means of escape, as well as lifts/access equipment. We can advise on all of these areas.

Do I need to pay rates?

Yes, with building regulations applications you will automatically inform the planning office of any increase in your floor space. Negotiations can then take place to reduce the total ratable value of your development.

Do I need to fire rate my mezzanine installation?

Not always. You will need to refer to building regulations.

How much load will my mezzanine floor take?

Each mezzanine floor installation is individually designed to meet your precise technical and commercial needs, to ensure it's always fit for purpose. We specialise in the maximisation of space and in the support of automated technologies, and as such can advise loading for static, and moving: storage and materials handling equipment for warehousing & storage and distribution centres, as well asmanufacturing production sites, and office, leisure and retailpremises.


Is your mezzanine flooring system demountable?

Yes, it always is. We don't weld to buildings. Effectively a steel mezzanine platform is a reconfigurable solution and flooring system that gives you flexibility on leases to scale up and down in line with your operation's technical and commercial needs and moves.

What kind of staircases, walkways, ancillaries and finishes do you offer?

We can supply all the staircases, walkways and ancillary products you need in a variety of finishes and colours to suit your budget and the use of your mezzanine construction.

How do I future-proof my mezzanine floor?

If you want to future-proof your mezzanine solution then get us involved as early as possible in the planning process. We can then understand the design, layout and structure of your mezzanine, and make suggestions that work for your business now, and in line with your evolving technical and commercial needs.


For more information:

Watch our Technical Director's videoabout how we've helped a major retailer prepare their distrbution centre for changing, future demand.

How long have you been in business?

Mezzanine Internationalcelebrates its25th anniversy in 2016, and many of our individual team members have worked in the mezzanine industry for over 20 years.We have more than 150 years of cumulative experience in mezzanine design, procurement, production and installation, as well as project management, logistics, health & safety and quality management.


OurSenior Management Team membersare also experts in commercial management with expertise in the development ofdedicated mezzanine design and costing software. Between them, they have invented and led thye business in the customisation of our design and contracts management systems, resulting inapplications that generatetechncially-sound mezzanine flooring design options and accurate quotations that shorten lead times and reduce costs for our clients.

What health & safety measures do you adhere to?

We take health & safety at work very seriously, and do everything we can to ensure a safe working environment for all our employees and contractors. Weinvest in training to promote safe behaviours at work, and implement the advice and best practice standards regularly delivered by our qualified, chartered health & safety professionals. All our mezzanine installers are trained to ensure their safety at work, as well that of those their colleagues and partners onsite -and 1-in-5of our operatives is trained in first aid.


In the UK, our compliance with current legislation includes adherence to: HSWA 1974, MHASWR 1999, CDM regulations 2007, Working Heights regulations 2005 and other relevant legislation. In the UK, this includes adherence to: HSWA 1974, MHASWR 1999, CDM regulations 2007, Working Heights regulations 2005 and other relevant legislation.


All of our manufacturing and installation operatives use specific Method statements Risk Assessments and Health & Safety procedures as guided by the HSE.

Which accreditations and awards do you hold?

Among our many credentials we have ISO 9001 accreditation in recognition of our commitment to continuous improvement in our working practices, including procurement, production, logistics and planning.


We are also 'Safe Contractor' and CHAS accredited and are members of AMHSA, Steel Construction Institute, United Kingdom Warehousing Associate, Safe Contractor and Construction Line. We have won the prestigious Sun Alliance Award for Excellence in Rsk Assessment and the Queen's Award for International Trade.

In addition, when you partner with us you benefit from access to ourfullyCE marking 'execution class 2' accredited international supply chain. Our competitive, flexible, approach to production ensures your precise technical and commercial requirements are met as we do not align ourselves with any one supplier or product range - and with a preference for using local fabricatorswe ensure rapid response rates.


Are your mezzanine operatives fully trained?

Yes, every one of our experienced onsite operatives is fully trained in the installation of steelwork, mezzanine decking and ancillaries. All our mezzanine installers hold CSCS cards, fork lift truck and plant operation licences - and 1-in-5operatives is trained in first aid.

What about building regulations? Who makes sure the mezzanine design, manufacture and installation is fully compliant?

We design, manufacture and erect the steel mezzanine and decking, but the planning application can be made either by us or our client to a registered approved inspector. They will then respond with queries before submission to the local authority for approval.

How will Mezzanine International ensure that our project goes according to plan?

Our Contracts team are experts in logistics, planning and programme management, including phasing, and ensure we deliver every stage of your mezzanine project to agreed timescales. We excel in the communication, co-ordination and handover of schedules of works to our clients and their contractors to minimise disruption to your business.


View our case studies here.

Are your mezzanine floors fully compliant with structural steel design codes?

Yes, our structures and mezzanine deck are designed to the latest industry standards. They fully adhere to all relevant British and European codes. We comply with all relevant standards for timber, staircases and ancillaries, decking, seismic loads, as well as steelwork, fire and health & safety. Our mezzanine design calculations are suitable for any inspector or authority to check.

Where can I get a copy of your environmental policy?

Everyone at Mezzanine International Group is committed to doing their utmost to protect the environment through our procurement, production and logistics practices. We comply with environmental regulations and control the waste we produce.


Please call for a copy of our full environmental policy.